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Elite Athlete Education Network

What is the EAEN?

The Elite Athlete Education Network (EAEN), formerly known as the Elite Athlete Friendly University program, supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career.  The value of combining both sport and higher education to achieve greater life success is well recognised across the university and sporting sectors.  There are 41 universities across Australia that are part of the EAEN.  Each of these universities provides academic support and flexibility to endorsed elite student-athletes. 

Benefits of the EAEN


Universities belonging to the EAEN understand athletes require increased support to successfully combine study, training and competition. 


Academic support may include:


  • Tailoring academic study loads.

  • Negotiate lecture, tutorial and practical timetables to accommodate sporting commitments.

  • Extending the minimum time to complete courses.

  • Provide leaves of absence where required.

  • Negotiate assessment deadlines.

  • Access to distance education materials for missed lectures, tutorials or practicals.

  • Sit exams externally under exam conditions.

  • Complete practicums around sporting commitments. 

EAEN Nominated Contacts


Each EAEN university appoints a nominated staff contact to support elite student-athletes within the university. This staff member provides the following:

  • Advice and guidance on academic planning.

  • Support in negotiating flexibility to meet academic requirements.

  • Advocacy within the university environment.

  • Support in negotiating and/or implementing cross-institutional study or credit transfer arrangements. 

Eligible Elite Athletes


Athletes must be must be identified or recognised by at least one of the following organisations to access EAEN support:

  • National Sporting Organisation's (NSO) endorsed athlete list.

  • Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

  • State/territory institutes or academies of sports.

  • Professional Players' Association.

  • National squad members from Australian Sports Commission funded  sports.

If an elite athlete falls outside of these organisations, they may still be eligible. Contact the University directly to discuss potential options. 

Additional Info and Considerations:


Please note that not all universities in the EAEN provide all of the support services outlined. Contact the university directly for more information on what they offer. 


Many universities may also extend their elite student-athlete support beyond the academic scope of the EAEN. This may include provision of scholarships, facility access and/or elite student-athlete specific opportunities (e.g. workshops or networking events). For information on what individual universities may offer access the AUS Elite Student-Athlete Showcases.

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