Event sanctioning

Event sanctioning

Unisport Australia (UniSport) acknowledges the significant contribution of external university sporting events to the promotion of student-athlete performance. Non-member institutions, including state and national sporting organisations, also place high importance on the university demographic with similar events aimed at driving participation.


In recognition of this, we make use of our event sanctioning program for intervarsity events managed by UniSport, member universities, or other external bodies. For more information please download the Sanctioned Events Guidelines and Application Form. 

Sanctioned levels

Level 1 – UniSport nationally sanctioned events

Level 1 sanctioned events are strategically aligned with UniSport objectives. These events can be organised and delivered by member universities, sporting organisations or external parties. The events are open to competitors from all universities.

Level 2 – UniSport member university sanctioned events

Level 2 sanctioned events are hosted by a member university, university club or student group of a member university. These events are open to competitors from all over Australia or select groups of students and fulfil a need to develop sport within the university sector either on campus or through intervarsity competition.

Level 3 – UniSport endorsed events

Level 3 endorsed events are coordinated by sporting organisations, external event providers or not for profit organisations and are open to competitors from all over Australia and have business strategies in place to attract the university student demographic.