Grow Your Game

Inspiring, empowering and educating the university sport workforce

UniSport's Grow Your Game inspires, empowers and educates the university sport workforce through a range of training, development and networking opportunities. 

We are firmly committed to the continual improvement and provision of opportunities for university sport staff, and student-athletes participating in UniSport events and programs, including:

Start exploring today to see what opportunities and resources may assist your professional or personal development with UniSport or our Grow Your Game partners.

UniSport online courses


Be The Influence (BTI)

Aim: UniSport’s team leader program empowering students to be more effective leaders

Audience: Students

Access: contact your UTM for access to this course

Team Captains 101

Aim: A guide for team captains and leaders

Audience: University team captains and leaders

Access: contact your UTM or the Member Services team for access to this course

If you have any questions or issues access these courses please contact the Member Services team.

Team Management 101

Part 1 - An essential guide for university team managers

Aim: An essential guide for university team managers and support staff

Audience: UTMs

Access: online course

Part 2 - A UTMs guide to UniSport Nationals event administration

Aim: Everything a university team manager needs to know when preparing teams to attend UniSport Nationals

Audience: UTMs

Access: online course

UniSport resources


Clubs Toolkit

Aim: to provide university sport clubs with a suite of templates and resources that they can adapt and use as their own

Audience: University clubs

Access: via our website

You Can Play Toolkit

Aim: to provide university sport clubs with a information, templates and resources to assess their inclusivity and become more inclusive

Audience: University clubs

Access: via our website

Member showcase and best practice

With 43 members that collectively represent more than 1 million students nationally, we believe shared knowledge and resources empower our members. Member showcase sessions bring our members together to highlight successful programs and best practice in key areas that affect our industry.


The most recent member showcase was held at the 2022 National Conference, you can view the presentations via our website.


You can access best practice resources from across the sector via our website.

Grow Your Game podcast series

In 2022 UniSport are launching the Grow Your Game podcast series offering a range of education and development opportunities available at your fingertips whenever you like.


Throughout the series we chat to leading athletes, administrators, students and industry experts on key areas including:


  • Inclusion and diversity in sport

    • Disability in sport

    • Cultural diversity and inclusion in sport

    • Indigenous pathways

    • Women in sport

    • Pride in Sport Awareness training

  • Leadership and team culture

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Member best practice

  • Student athlete development


More information will be available to members soon.

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UniSport networks


Club Officer Network

Aim: to bring together club managers and administrators across member universities to share knowledge, identify opportunities, and discuss challenges and solutions.

Audience: University club officers

Access: to gain access to the Club Officer Network contact the Member Services team

Regional Club Executive Conferences

Aim: to provide a networking and development opportunity for club executives designed to offer practical tips, strategies and resources on key topics

Audience: University club executives

Access: for further information contact the Member Services team

UniSport opportunities


Coaches, officials and judges

UniSport works with national and state sporting organisations to offer development opportunities for coaches, officials and judges.


Opportunitites for members will be available soon.


Contact us if your organisation would like to work with us to offer development opportunities and workshops to our members.

Incident management

In 2017, UniSport partnered with Risk Logic to deliver vital and important education and training to our members in the area of incident management. Using key tools and resources, members experienced a scenario situation where they were able to implement theory into practice. UniSport members were also provided with comprehensive tools for team planning and organisation at UniSport and other external events. Such tools include:

  • Critical incident management checklists

  • Incident management guides

  • Local incident management team structures

  • Escalation checklists

  • Local incident response plans

This education service was provided free to all UniSport members and incident management education will be ongoing.


To enquire about incident management education contact the Member Services team.

Opportunities with UniSport's partners


Leadership Series

UniSport Australia is partnering with leadership experts Leading Teams to offer members three professional development series:

Building Team Culture & Relationships - CEOs

Building Team Culture & Relationships - Managers/Coordinators

High Performing Leaders - Student Athletes

Each series is a program of practical and experiential learning, delivered by expert facilitators, Leading Teams, to equip participants with the understanding and practical tools required to be a high performing leader within their organisation or team.

Visit the Leadership Series page for more information.

Mental Health First Aid

UniSport is working with David Shillington from OrgWell Group to offer members access to accredited Mental Health First Aid courses at a discounted rate. 

Courses offered include:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid - Refresher

For further information and to enquire about these courses contact the Member Services team.

25 Days 25 Plays facilitated by Prime Effect

25 Days 25 Plays is a powerful 25-day online program designed by both psychologists and professional athletes to introduce you to a wide range of tools and techniques to proactively strengthen your mental health and wellbeing.

Cost: $39pp

Member cost: $20pp

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/368744383377

Registration closes: Friday 30 September

For any questions or for group bookings, please contact David Shillington.

External resources



UniSport is proud to work in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia (SIA), the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure our members and student-athletes at UniSport events and in high performance pathways have access to consistent, quality anti-doping education.

SIA certification

It is a requirement of participation at all UniSport events for participants and team managers to complete the SIA Anti-Doping online certification.

Participants: Clean Sport 101

Team officials: Anti-Doping Fundamentals (formerly Level 1) 

International athletes and officials: Anti-Doping Fundamentals (formerly Level 1) AND Annual Update 2022 (formerly Level 2)


To access the free SIA online certification visit Sport Integrity Australia eLearning and select the relevant course.

Anti-doping Textbook

The Anti-Doping Textbook and teaching material have been designed as a comprehensive overview of doping in sport and issues related to this. It's target audience is university students who strive to be involved in any sport, ranging from elite athletes to grass roots levels.

The textbook is available in English, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish. It is accessible free of charge, along with the support material for instructors, through the FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Learning Hub. A project information brochure is also available.

If you work in the area of curriculum development and wish to implement the anti doping e-textbook into your course, contact Donna Spethman for more information.


FISU-WADA eTextbook and Learning Hub

Respect. Now. Always

UniSport is proud to support the Respect. Now. Always. campaign implemented across all university institutions in Australia.

For more information on Respect. Now. Always. visit the Universities Australia website or contact UniSport Australia and ask how you can get involved and learn more.


Concussion is a serious injury and may occur to any person at a UniSport event. The UniSport Guideline on concussion can be found on the Policies and Guidelines page of our website.


UniSport Australia endorses the Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement. The Concussion in Sport Australia Position Statement brings together the most contemporary evidence-based information for athletes, coaches, medical and allied heath practitioners, parents and teachers.

The Position Statement seeks to protect the integrity of sport through the consistent application of best practice guidelines and, ultimately, improve safety and health outcomes for all Australian who suffer concussive injuries while participating in sport.


More information about concussion in sport

FISU-WADA partnership project

Engaging university students is the greatest method of promotion for drug-free sport values to future sport leaders and professionals. The FISU-WADA partnership project strives to create a drug-free environment to protect athletes and youth. The project is a part of the Legacy Program for the 2015 Universiade in Gwangju, Republic of Korea.

The program objectives include:

  • Developing an integrated e-textbook and teaching material to raise the social awareness of anti-doping among first year university students.

  • Educating future practitioners, athletes, coaches and sport leaders on doping consequences and their role in doping prevention.

  • Supporting universities to integrate anti-doping messaging into different faculties by identifying key topics and providing essential support material.


To find out more visit FISU-WADA partnership project

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Grow Your Game Partners

UniSport are pleased to work with a range of industry experts to deliver education, training and development opportunities to our members. Our partners deliver a range of workshops, podcasts and programs in the Grow Your Game calendar. They also offer special discounted rates on their full programs to UniSport member universities. For more information on how our Grow Your Game partners can work with your university, contact the UniSport team.


Leading Teams develops high performing teams and leaders. Their expertise is focused on improving the performance of teams; they specialise in culture change, leadership and team development programs.

Leading Teams is passionate about implementing sustainable programs  of change with organisations of all sizes in all industries, and believe  they can help any given team to become high performing.

Leading Teams facilitate UniSports Leadership Series for CEOs, Managers, Coordinators and student athletes and feature in the UniSport Podcast Series.

Prime Effect brings you a range of mental fitness programs that deliver simple yet powerful evidence-based techniques to shift your personal and professional mindset so you can be your best you. Whether it’s improving resilience, gaining a competitive edge or achieving your personal and professional goals, the team of successful professional athletes at Prime Effect brings you everything they’ve learnt on the field, in the pool and on the track so you can reach your prime.

Prime Effect provide Mental Health First Aid course, 25 Days 25 Plays program, and health and wellbeing workshops in the Grow Your Game Program. Former NRL representative player and Founder of Prime Effect, David Shillington will also host the UniSport Podcast Series.