Member Opportunities

Member opportunities

In achieving its strategic goals, UniSport Australia (UniSport) aims to provide authentic and valuable professional development opportunities to its members and students by:

  • offering professional development opportunities to staff at UniSport member institutions;

  • offering internship opportunities for students looking to gain industry experience;

  • offering opportunities for UniSport international partners to engage with members;

  • offering volunteering opportunities at UniSport events; and

  • promoting vacancies in the university sport sector

  • promoting FISU experiences.

UniSport member opportunities

UniSport is currently sourcing and developing further opportunities for members in 2021. Opportunities will be listed as they become available and also sent to members vie the monthly Member Exchange EDM. 

UniSport student opportunities

UniSport offers a number of professional development opportunities for students studying at Australian tertiary institutions.

There are currently no opportunities to share with you at this time. 

University sport sector vacancies

Current vacancies with UniSport Australia

  • ​No vacancies to tell you about at the moment

Vacancies in the university sport sector

UniSport partner vacancies

  • No vacancies to tell you about at the moment