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Match Report: UON vs SCU

Image: Jamie Bishop

The women’s futsal midday match showcased the University of Newcastle (UON) and Southern Cross University (SCU) and proved to be the final matchup to conclude the ‘round games’ within the womens division.

Image: Jamie Bishop

From the initial opening moments of the 20 minute half it was a sea of UON’s maroon, black and white singlets and SCU’s green, yellow and white, tussling for the ball in a quest to find a goal scoring opportunity.

Number nine belonging to SCU was the first to seize the moment securing a goal, leading to the unmatched streak that was to follow. UON demonstrated courage and resilience to bounce back after each point to defend themselves, with an undeniable support system from the sidelines, however SCU proved too strong on the day to round out the final score as five to zero in their favour.

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