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Monash University defend their title in a basketball finals showdown

Image: Matt McLennan

Clearly the women’s basketball teams from the University of Melbourne (MELB) and Monash University (MON) were meant to meet again.

They rehashed old rivalries from Div 2 in the Div 1 gold medal match on Thursday afternoon.

MELB came into the Div 1 final looking to redeem themselves from their Div 2 loss in a seesawing encounter with the team from MON.

It was anyone’s game at the end of the first quarter, with both teams tying up 15-15.

Image: Matt McLennan

MON began to take the lead nearing the end of the second quarter, 37-31.

The third quarter saw a comeback from MELB taking the lead 53-51.

Image: Matt McLennan

The gold medal contention slipped away from MELB in the final quarter of the game, with MON reclaiming their title 76-71.

MELB will return to the Div 1 competition in 2020 intending to secure a victory once and for all.

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