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ANU Sport Short Courses

ANU Sport Short Courses provide the ANU community with a chance to be involved in or host a wellbeing course over several weeks. The purpose of these short courses is to provide non-traditional and innovative programs that allow participants to stay fit and healthy whilst learning something new.

There are a number of short courses on offer, including:

  • Swing Dancing: Learn how to swing dance

  • Dancing: Through the Ages: Dance your way through history

  • RollerFit: Beginners can learn how to roller skate

  • Fem/Non-Binary Gym Workshop: An autonomous space for female and non-bianry gym goers

  • Introduction to Mittwork: Learn the basics of boxing and gloved martial arts

  • Sh’Bam: A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout

  • Strength: Sessions will focus on major lifts including squat, deadlift and bench press

Short courses can be delivered by any ANU Clubs or commercial businesses, with two program structures available for delivery.

You can find further information on the short courses on offer via ANU Sport.

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