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Deakin joins with Rajasthan Royals to develop Indian sport opportunities

Deakin University has joined with Indian Premier League team Rajasthan Royals to support and promote participation in Indian sport - on and off the field.

Deakin's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin was in India and signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalise the next phase of the long-standing partnership between the two organisations.

"Deakin is thrilled to renew our long-standing partnership with the Rajasthan Royals, which marks a significant step towards strengthening the ties between the sport loving nations of India and Australia," Professor Martin said.

"The MoU signifies the mutual interest and commitment towards fostering collaboration in sport research and education. This partnership will help to create new opportunities and pave the path for the two nations to share knowledge and expertise."

As part of this partnership, a joint scholarship for Indian students, in association with the Rajasthan Royals and Neerja Modi School, has been launched. The scholarship will provide financial support for students to pursue higher education in Australia, with a focus on sports-related courses.

To read more about the partnership between Deakin University and the Rajasthan Royals continue here.

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