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Griffith University releases their Women in Sport Strategic Plan

Updated: May 18, 2022

The recently released Griffith University Women in Sport Strategic Plan 2022-2026 sits alongside the Griffith Sport Strategy and focuses on improving gender equity. Through the implementation of this plan, Griffith University looks to grow opportunities for all women in sport.

The Women in Sport Strategic Plan focuses specifically improving gender equity, specifically the unique opportunities specific to women's participation, pathways, performance, research and leadership in sport. Successful and impactful delivery of this strategy will see a multifaceted program delivered in a coordinated manner by Griffith and the sports industry to create:

  • increased opportunities for all women in sport

  • improvements in the performance of female athletes and teams in Australia

  • more leadership roles for women in sport

  • social and behavioural changes in our communities

You can view the plan here or read more about sport at Griffith University here.

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