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Grow Your Game - UniSport Australia's education and training program

UniSport Australia’s education and training program ‘Grow Your Game’ inspires, empowers and educates the university sport workforce through a range of training, development and networking opportunities. UniSport is firmly committed to the continual improvement and provision of opportunities for university sport staff and student-athletes participating in UniSport events and programs.

Grow Your Game calendar

An annual calendar is developed to support the Grow Your Game education and training program. UniSport aims to provide opportunities for senior executives, managers, coordinators and student leaders in the university sports sector.

With a combination of in person and online events and courses, the calendar supports key work that is undertaken by sports staff and students on campus across the country.

UniSport’s flagship Team Management 101 series assists universities to prepare their staff for managing and taking teams to events. This series of online courses has been developed using the extensive knowledge of those who have been involved in taking large teams to UniSport Nationals and aligning this knowledge with UniSport process and event preparation requirements.

Courses for student leaders include the Team Captain 101 course and UniSport’s student leadership course – Be The Influence (BTI).

The 2022 Grow Your Game calendar is available via our website. All online courses are available via UniSport’s Learning Management portal and are offered in simple, easy to navigate modules that can be completed at your own pace and allow you to pause and return at anytime.

UniSport is pleased to confirm the following upcoming education and training events and courses. For more information on any of the events or courses below, contact our member services team.

UniSport podcast series

The UniSport podcast series is designed to offer a range of education and development opportunities at your fingertips. The series is hosted by David Shillington, who will chat to leading athletes, administrators, students and industry experts on topics including:

  • Inclusion and diversity in sport

  • Leadership and team culture

  • Health and wellbeing, and

  • Balancing life as a student-athlete

Mental Health First Aid

UniSport is working with David Shillington from OrgWell Group to offer members access to accredited Mental Health First Aid courses at a discounted rate.

Courses offered include:

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid - Refresher

25 Days 25 Plays

25 Days 25 Plays is a powerful 25-day online program designed by both psychologists and professional athletes to introduce you to a wide range of tools and techniques to proactively. UniSport members receive a discounted price to complete this flagship course.

101 Online Course series

The 101 Online Course series has been developed to assist member universities in upskilling their staff, university team managers, team captains, and student leaders.

Team Management 101

The Team Management 101 series is a number of online courses developed to assist University Team Managers (UTMs) and support staff in preparing to attend university sporting events. It is designed to equip UTMs with the essential knowledge, tips and resources to manage travelling and touring sports teams.

Team Management 101 consists of two courses, with two more scheduled for releases in 2022. Each course is tailored address an identified knowledge gap or need for further training across the university sport sector.

Currently available courses:

Courses scheduled for release:

  • Part 3: A day in the life of a UTM (released July)

  • Part 4: Incident management (released August)

Team Captains 101

The Team Captains 101 course has been developed as a guide for team captains and leaders to equip them with the essential knowledge, tips and resources to lead travelling and touring teams.

Be The Influence (BTI)

Be The Influence, or BTI as we like to call it, is UniSport's team leader program that empowers university student leaders with practical information and tips on how to be a more effective leader. BTI is currently available as an online course to student leaders, alongside in person workshops available throughout the year upon request. In person workshops are also available to members.

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