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La Trobe Elite Athlete Program members make positive start to 2023

The first quarter of 2023 has proven to be a fruitful period in terms of student achievements for the La Trobe Elite Athlete Program (LEAP).

On the back of the LEAP program expanding with 28 new athletes in 2023 (up to a total of 109 athletes overall across 41 different sports), the opening three months of this season has also seen a range of notable success stories across the LEAP cohort both on the national and international stage.

The LEAP program is proudly supported by TechnologyOne, and helps to identify, promote and support the needs of elite athletes studying at university by providing them with assistance and support to successfully combine their academic and sporting pursuits . The value of combining sport and higher education is well recognised across the university and sporting sectors, which is why La Trobe is committed to helping elite athletes undertaking study with the University.

For the full list of achievements by LEAP program athletes continue here.

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