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Monash hosts its first Intervarsity University Spikeball Championships!

On Saturday September 9, Monash Roundnet collaborated with Spikeball Australia to host the inaugural Australian University Spikeball Championships, at Monash University’s Clayton Campus.

With 32 players, 16 teams and 6 different universities represented, the inter-varsity competition was fierce and exciting.

Spikeball is a brand synonymous with Roundnet as they sell the equipment for the sport. Roundnet is played 2v2, with many similarities to beach volleyball as teams have 3 touches each possession. The key difference is in roundnet they ‘spike’ the ball down onto the net to change possession, instead of over a net. Games are usually played to 11 or 21.

Deakin featured two high-level players, Alex Capp and Jonah Wise, who had both represented Australia at the Roundnet World Championships in Belgium last year.

“This was my first tournament playing directly with Jonah, but things just seemed to click!” said Alex, one half of Deakin’s winning team.

“We had some solid serving and were able to convert on a lot of defensive touches, it was probably one of, if not the most fun tournament I’ve played in. I look forward to seeing more unis join in years to come and further grow the sport of roundnet.”

Event organiser and Monash Business student Hugo Ragg was ecstatic with the inaugural event saying “it was super rewarding to see the roundnet community support the tournament and bring together so many players from different universities."

Source: Team Monash

UniSport have partnered with Roundnet Australia to provide an opportunity for students to come together and participate in a game of Roundnet, at the 2023 UniSport Nationals Unity Day on Wednesday 27 September. For more information on Roundnet at Unity Day continue here.

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