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UC Elite Athlete debuts at Women's Baseball World Cup

Sitting in a university dorm room in Canada, Maddie Erwin watches an online lecture, being recorded from a classroom in Canberra.

The UC Elite Athlete has been competing in the Women’s Baseball World Cup, and is one of 14 players to make their international debut. Representing the Emeralds, the side played their last game of their pool this week, recording an incredible 9-2 win over Hong Kong.

“It's been really good, it’s such strong competition,” she said.

“We’ve really come together as team, especially considering Australia hasn’t played internationally since 2018. It's a bit of a jump for us and especially with it's such a young team and it's great to see like how I compare against the rest of the world.”

Undertaking an Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation degree at UC, Maddie will head back to Australia and get stuck back into study, before the local season starts, where she plays for both Weston Creek in the ACT, and Blacktown in NSW!

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