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Victoria University Virtual Running Festival

This year, VU Sport has two challenges as a part of the 2022 VU Virtual Running Festival. The first is to run as many kilometres as possible in 12 weeks, and the second is to compete in any distance at the Melbourne Marathon Festival. The program will run from Monday 11 July to Sunday 2 October and participants can compete in one or both challenges.

12-Week Distance Challenges

Download the VU Moves app to track your distance over the 12 week period. You can walk or run it; the aim is to achieve the greatest distance. The leaderboard will be live on the VU Moves App, which enables VU Sport to track individuals’ performances throughout the 12-week period.

The winner will be revealed at the end of the challenge, and prizes will be awarded.

The first prize will be a $50 Rebel gift ticket, and all participants will be entered to win one of three VU Fitness packs, which will include: a back pack, active cooling towel and a drink bottle.

Melbourne Marathon Festival Challenge

The Melbourne Marathon Festival will be held on Sunday 2 October and participants can choose from the following distances:

  • 3 km run

  • 5 km run

  • 10 km run

  • Half marathon (21.1km)

  • Full marathon (42.2km)

All participants who sign up to the Melbourne Marathon and download the VU Moves app can access a free training program via VU Moves.

It is designed as a 12-week program for the half marathon, but can be used to help prepare for other distances.

This festival is an excellent opportunity for individuals to try something new and keep active. The advantages of joining are that you can improve your fitness levels with a training program provided by VU Sport while also connecting with others within the VU community.

For more information including how to register for the virtual running festival continue reading here.

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