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Universities are getting moving!

In September 2019, UniSport Australia launched UniMoves, an initiative funded by Sport Australia’s Move It Grant, to increase the physical activity of staff and students on campus. Each participating university has a customised UniMoves app which allows users to monitor their physical activity, participate in campus challenges and alert students of upcoming events and activities they can get engaged with.


Thanks to some great work by our 10 partner universities, including o week campaigns, over 5000 students and staff have now downloaded the UniMoves app. Federation University linked the app to its onsite gym and saw significant increase in membership.


“At Fed the app has provided a great value add to members of our Health and Fitness Centre as well as a way to engage our whole University community to invest in their health and fitness. Over time we hope to see an improvement in the activity levels of our more sedentary students and staff through the FedMoves program” Said Jason Slater for Federation University.


Curtin University launched their own Saturday Park Run via UniMoves and the first run had over 300 participants.


“Curtin is excited to be involved in the trial of this new app, alongside other Australian universities, which helps students, staff and members of the local community find ways of increasing their activity levels, whilst also connecting with others to improve their quality of life,” Said David Russell from Curtin University.


Like so many other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted life on campus with a number of universities already closed to staff and students. What could be described as a silver lining is that the universities involved in UniMoves now see this program as an opportunity to engage staff and students while in isolation.


“ACU were keen to be involved in the UniMoves program to engage students and staff in physical activity that wouldn’t normally engage with us. Like everyone, we’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and students will be doing their learning online and our fitness centres our now closed. The ACU Moves app presents an opportunity to engage these students from home. We’ve created home workouts and are challenging students through regular challenge and continue to build community as much as we can in the current climate.”


Participating universities and UniSport will continue to explore ways to use UniMoves as a way to encourage isolated students to increase their level of physical activity and to engage with the rest of their university community.


Over the next 12 months UniSport aims to expand the UniMoves program. To date, over half a dozen universities have expressed interest in joining.

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How it works

Each university has their own customised app available for download (App Store, Google Play), this app allows students, and staff to: 


  • Track their activity levels 

  • Track their workouts in the gym

  • Challenge their mates to see who moves more 

  • Access to awesome on campus activities 

  • Join on campus challenges 

  • Find out about the latest events 

  • And much more…


Each university is in the process of rolling out a range of activities aimed at getting students and staff more active, and to help their campus communities, find their 30.

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