What is UniMoves?

UniSport Australia has teamed up with Sport Australia and 11 pilot universities to give you UNIMOVES! 

We want staff and students in the university sector to commit to 30 mins of activity every day. 

We’ve always been known as a great sporting nation – a country that glows with health and vitality. But lately, things have changed.


"Sport participation by Australians is becoming increasingly passive. Australians need to put down the remote control and mobile devices and head outdoors for a half-hour walk." - DR DAVID HUGHES, AIS CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER

The 11 pilot universities in the program will be:


  • Adelaide University 

  • Australian Catholic University 

  • Central Queensland University 

  • Curtin University 

  • Deakin University 

  • Federation University Australia

  • Macquarie University 

  • Southern Cross University 

  • The University of Canberra

  • The University of South Australia 

  • The University of Sydney 


So let’s get moving! 

In late July 2019 each university will receive their very own customised app available for download across all major app stores. 

The app will allow students and staff to: 

  • Track their activity levels 

  • Track their workouts in the gym (if that’s your thing)

  • Challenge their mates to see who moves more 

  • Access to awesome on campus activities 

  • Join on campus challenges 

  • Find out about the latest events 

  • And much more 

The app is just the beginning… Each university will be rolling out a range of activities aimed at getting students and staff more active, because we as the university sector want to lead the campaign in Australia to “Find Your 30” 

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