International Events

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are closely monitoring the situation and any impacts that it has on our international events for 2020. Please click on individual sports for more information.


Winter Universiade

The Winter Universiade is a biennial, international multisport event that brings together the world best winter sport student-athletes for 11 days of intense competition. The Winter Universiade is second only to the Winter Olympic games in participant numbers and countries in attendance in winter competition. For UniSport, it is a chance to grow and contribute to Australia’s growing relevance in the winter sport environment and show the world that Australia can be as competitive on ice and snow as it can in summer sports. The event consists of eight compulsory sports with the host nation having the ability to select up to a further three optional sports.


The record figures for the event are 2,668 participants in Trentino, Italy in 2013 and 52 countries in Erzurum, Turkey, in 2011. The most recent Universiade was hosted in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2017. 

Summer Universiade

The Summer Universiade is a biennial, international multisport event that brings together the world best student-athletes for 12 days of intense competition. The Summer Universiade is second only to the Olympic Games in participant numbers and countries in attendance. For UniSport Australia, it is the ultimate occasion for the UniRoos to show the world the breadth of talent Australia’s student-athletes offer. The event consists of 14 compulsory sports with the host nation having the ability to select up to a further three optional sports.


The record figures of the event are 10,622 participants in Shenzhen, China, in 2011 and 174 countries in Daegu, Korea, in 2003. The most recent Summer Universiade was hosted in Taipei in 2017 where the Uniroos sent its largest ever team, making up 275 of the 9,000 student-athletes competing. For more information about the Summer Universiade please head to the event page.

World University Championships

The World University Championships are held every two years between each Universiade. They are single sport events where the organisation of which is delegated to a National University Sports Federation (NUSF) and then to a city and associated organising committee.


For Unisport, World University Championships are an opportunity for the Uniroos to excel in their sports and take on the best student-athletes in the world. In 2018, UniSport sent 185 student-athletes from 27 member universities to 22 different World University Championship events. Collectively these student-athletes won 21 medals including 5 gold. 

World University Championships will be held again in 2020 with 26 different events available. 


University World Cups

The University World Cups are a sport property of the International University Sports Federation (FISU). University World Cups take place biennially in the same year as the World University Championships. The unique concept of these events is that competition isn’t between national representative teams but rather between the best university teams internationally.


By engaging inter-varsity rivalry through the University World Cups, Unisport aims to engage its members and enhance the quality of university sport at a national level. 

Currently University World Cups exist in football (soccer) and
3x3 Basketball. 


Other International Events

At UniSport, we are regularly invited to send students and teams from our member universities to various international competitions, experiences and events. Such events present great opportunities for students from Australia to gain international experience learning and/or competing with students from other countries. UniSport will work with our member universities to select students for these events. Details regarding selections and results for such events will be provided below as they become available.

2019 Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation (CTUSF) National Intercollegiate Athletic Games

Nicholas Richardson - The Australian National University - Humanities

2019 World University Powerlifting Cup - 21-27 July in Tartu, Estonia

2019 FISU Volunteer Leader Academy 

Paige Sutherland - Deakin University - Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Business (Sport Management)


Member Representation

UniSport facilities numerous opportunities for our member university to be represented on the international stage. These include:

  • UniRoos teams at the Summer and Winter Universiades

  • UniRoos teams at World University Championships

  • Individual university representation at University World Cups

  • Other international events.

The below link provides an overview of member university representation for the year to date.