2020 WUC Cross Country

The Event

The 2020 World University Cross Country Championships will be held on 7th March in Marrakech, Morocco.


2018 Results


Selection criteria coming soon


The eligibility criteria for the FISU events are:


  • Be a citizen of Australia.  For the avoidance of doubt, Australian permanent residency is not acceptable. Athletes must hold or be eligible for an Australian passport;


  • Have been born between 1st January 1995 and 31st December 2002,


  • Be either:

    • Enrolled and currently studying a diploma or higher courses at a university, TAFE* (*conditions apply) or another tertiary institution (please note that deferred students are not eligible for selection), or

    • Have graduated from a university in the year immediately prior to the event (i.e. graduated after September 2019).


To verify eligibility, athletes will need to complete an official FISU Eligibility Criteria (available from UniSport Australia). The FISU Eligibility Certificate must be signed by the athlete’s relevant University Registrar or equivalent confirming the FISU eligibility requirements set out above and then sealed with the University Seal. Without the FISU Eligibility Certificate, athletes will not be provided with accreditation.