Aon Women's Uni 7s

 March - May 2021

Aon Women's Uni 7s

The Aon Women's Uni 7s Series is a tournament for senior female 7s players from University representative teams, conducted by Rugby Australia. The upcoming 2021 season is to be contested by ten teams from around Australia. The Series will span four regionally based tournaments over two weekends. There will then be two National Tournaments to determine the overall winner following the Regional Tournaments.

Who will take out the tournament in 2021? 

Current champions:


The 2021 Competition

Regional A Teams

The University of Adelaide

The University of Queensland

Bond University

Griffith University

The University of Melbourne

Regional B Teams

University of Canberra

The University of Newcastle

University of Technology Sydney

The University of Sydney

National Tournaments

The top three ranked teams from both Regional competitions after the two Regional rounds will progress to National Finals. This will be based on series points.


2021 Regional results

Regional A

Round 1

UQ V MELB     26-12

Griffith V ADL     26-12

Round 2

Griffith v MELB     19-7

UQ V BOND     33-19


Round 3

BOND V Griffith     19-17

ADL V MELB     21-7

Round 4

BOND V ADL     29-5

UQ V Griffith     21-12

Pool A - QLD


2nd BOND 

3rd UQ

Regional B

Round 1

USYD V UTS     15 - 15

Newcastle V UC     17-5

Round 2

USYD V UC     19-7

UTS V Newcastle     31-19

Round 3

Newcastle V USYD     14-10

UTS V UC     21 -15

Pool B - NSW

1st UTS


3rd UoN

Final - Round 1 schedule

Saturday 1st May 2021

Forshaw Rugby Park, NSW

GU V UTS - 9:40am

BOND V USYD - 10:00am

UQ V UoN - 10:20am

GU V USYD - 11:40am

BOND V UoN - 12:00pm

UQ V UTS - 12:20pm

GU V UoN - 1:40pm

BOND V UTS - 2:00pm

UQ V USYD - 2:20pm

Sunday 2nd May 2021

Forshaw Rugby Park, NSW

2nd Pool A V 3rd Pool B - 9:40am

2nd Pool B V 3rd Pool A - 10:00am

1st Pool B V Winner of First Match - 11:20am

1st Pool A V Winner of Second Match- 11:40pm

Loser of First Match V Loser of Second Match - 1:00pm

Loser of Third Match V Loser of Fourth Match - 1:20pm

Winner of Third Match V Winner of Fourth Match - 1:40pm

Previous results

2019 series 

1st: The University of Queensland
2nd: Griffith University
3rd: The University of Sydney

4th: The University of Canberra

5th: The University of Adelaide

6th: The University of Technology Sydney

7th: Bond University

8th: The University of Western Australia

9th: The University of Melbourne

10th: The University of New England

2018 series 

1st: Griffith University
2nd: The University of Queensland
3rd: Macquarie University

4th: The University of Sydney

5th: The University of Adelaide

6th: The University of Canberra

7th: The University of New England

8th: The University of Tasmania

9th: Bond University

10th: The University of Melbourne