Distance Running

18 September 2022
Sydney, NSW

Distance Running

In 2022, Distance Running will be held in conjunction with the Sydney Running Festival and will be contested in both men's and women's competitions.

Contact your University Team Manager (UTM) to find out how to get involved! 

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Registration will take place via the Sydney Running Festival website. 

Make sure you check the UniSport Nationals Distance Running box when registering and enter your university name and student number to ensure your results count!

Cost: TBC

Registrations open soon!


2022 Key Information

Run for the good times at the Sydney Running Festival to be held Sunday 18 September 2022.

Join runners, wheelies and walkers of all ages and abilities taking part in their chosen distance to achieve a personal challenge, aim for a personal best time, or simply enjoy participating with family and friends.


 - Half marathon

 - Marathon

2022 race schedule coming soon

For more information visit www.sydneyrunningfestival.com.au.

Competition Guidelines and Rules


UniSport Australia (UniSport) competitions are conducted under the official playing regulations of the relevant international or national sporting organisation.


Where required, UniSport guidelines will indicate any rule/regulation amendments specific to our competitions.