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UniSport Governance

UniSport Australia (UniSport) takes great pride in ensuring it governs the university sport industry with integrity, forward thinking, and collaboration with its members. 

UniSport constitution

UniSport Bylaws

National Integrity Framework

In 2022, UniSport signed up to the National Integrity Framework, which is a suite of integrity policies developed by Sport Integrity Australia, and an independent complaint handling process. This means that from June 2022, concerns or complaints about alleged integrity can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia by filling out the webform on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

UniSport has the following policies under the National Integrity Framework now in place:

Member Protection Policy

Child Safeguarding Policy

Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy

Competition Manipulation and Sport Wagering Policy

Anti Doping

For all inquiries relating to the above mentioned policies or to lodge a complaint, contact UniSport's Company Secretary


Other UniSport Governance Policies

UniSport Privacy policy

UniSport Whistleblowers policy (available soon)

UniSport Diversity, Equity & Inclusion policy

UniSport Media policy 

UniSport Social Media policy

Policies and guidelines relating to events

To access educational resources regarding the National Integrity Framework, including elearning courses and fact sheets, visit UniSport's National Integrity Framework webpage.

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