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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Reseach Contacts

Where can I get help if I am feeling suicidal?

If you, or someone else, is at immediate risk of suicide, call triple zero (000) for an ambulance now.

If you are in a personal crisis or feeling suicidal, contact: 

Please refer to Health Direct where you can find information and support around the following:

  • Mental Health Support

  • What is mental health?

  • Why is good mental health important?

  • What things can affect mental health?

  • Improving mental health and wellbeing?

  • Where can I get help if I am feeling suicidal?

  • Self-esteem

  • Relationship issues

  • Bullying and harassment

  • Work or study stress

  • Financial stress

  • Substance abuse

  • Grief and loss

  • Support for mental illness

  • Support for mental health issues

  • Additional resources

  • is a youth mental health service. Visit their website for online help.

  • Headspace provides mental health support for ages 12-25. Visit their website, call them on 1800 650 890, or make an appointment at your nearest headspace centre.

  • Kids Helpline is available for ages 5-25. Visit their website or call them on 1800 55 1800.


If you are caring for an older person with a mental health condition, you can visit My Aged Care for support and information.

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