The Value of Sport

Advocacy Paper

The benefits of a university education extend far beyond the individual graduate. There are countless examples of innovation, philanthropy and creative works contributed to society by university graduates. Universities are not just providing education; they are developing leaders of our community.

June 2021

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Strategy 2020

Repositioning UniSport Australia


UniSport Australia's Strategy 2020 outlines an ambitious agenda reflecting confidence, that in partnership with members, we can continue to elevate the relevance, value and importance of university sport and enhance the quality of the higher education experience, while contributing to students' health, fitness and wellbeing. Ultimately, this will support the development of well-rounded graduates, with skills and attributes beyond the classroom, ready to pursue a fulfilling future balancing work and life.

November 2017

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The Case for Change


Transitioning from the Australian University Games to a divisional, national championship model

The decision to introduce change to the Australian University Games event delivery model stems from a number of drivers, including evidence from substantial research and extensive member consultation. The paper also discusses several external drivers as well as opportunities presented by the changing nature fo the broader Australian sporting landscape.

July 2017

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