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UniSport is committed to delivering evidence-based advocacy that represents the voice of university students. To support this, we have a number of research projects and papers 

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UniSport Student Wellbeing Survey

UniSport is committed to delivering evidence-based advocacy that represents the voice of university students. To support this, we have initiated a student wellbeing index to measure and report on the impact of participating in sport on student's mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their sense of inclusion and attainment at university.

To start this process we included 10 questions on wellbeing as part of the 2019 Div 1 Nationals registration process. Of 5,016 participants at Div 1 we received 2,737 responses (55%).

The results show that students who participated in sport are very likely to feel:

  • well connected to their university

  • positive about their results and employability

  • positive and satisfied with life

  • physically fit

Wellbeing Survey
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The value of sport in higher education

Australian and international research projects indicate university sport participation builds student experience and employability

An abundance of research exists internationally, predominantly in North America and Europe, providing evidence verifying the value of sport as part of the higher education student experience. Although this type of research is in its infancy in Australia, this study unearthed a number of projects initiated and completed by Australian universities, which form an evidence base that illustrates the value of sport as part of the student experience in the Australian higher education environment.

March 2018

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Elite Student-Athlete Research


UniSport has conducted several research pieces examining the elite student-athlete pathway in Australia. This includes:
In 2018 UniSport conducted a research project with Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast examining the elite student-athlete experience with Australian universities. Data was gained from 867 elite student-athletes from 27 universities. A full industry report on the findings is below.
Download Industry Report
UniSport have also released a report detailing current elite student-athlete support and services provided by Australian universities. 

Download UniSport report

UniSport has also analysed the results of student-athletes at Olympic Games events since 2004. This short commentary gives an overview and discussion on the results. 
Download Elite Student-Athlete Commentary
If you would like further information or have any feedback regarding UniSport's research into the elite student-athlete pathway in Australia please contact Elite Student-Athlete Pathway Manager, Joshua Sear.  
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Value of Sport

British Active Students Survey

In 2018, British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) contributed to a survey of the role physical activity can play in a university student’s life. The survey found that active students have higher wellbeing, inclusion and perceptions of employability and attainment compared to inactive students.

This report shows that when universities invest in opportunities and provide students with support to be physically active it can lead to more positive outcomes. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have an important role to play in the physical and mental wellbeing of their students, whilst ensuring they have the skills needed to excel.

The ‘British Active Students Survey’, conducted at the end of 2017, followed on from the 2016 inaugural active ‘Scottish Active Students Survey’.  

Participation in regular physical activity as well as sports participation and gym membership was found to improve students’ personal wellbeing, mental wellbeing, social inclusion and perceived academic attainment and employability.

The new findings, further reinforces the importance of doing some activity. Participation in sport and gym are required for the greatest benefits, as well as meeting the recommended levels of physical activity.

Download the full report via the link below.

July 2018

Download survey

Download Report

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