What we believe 

UniSport Australia believes in…

Creating healthy, active, engaged and well-rounded university students

At UniSport Australia (Unisport), we believe that as a leader in university sport we have a commitment to offering our members quality events and programs, building high performance partnerships, providing evidence based advocacy, and assisting in the training and capacity building of our members.


We believe that through our member institutions, events, volunteers and national staff, we are obligated to develop the following:


  • Servant leadership by providing quality customer and member services

  • Student experience through engagement, wellbeing, and participation

  • Continuous improvement through review, agility, and innovation

  • Collaboration through member engagement, partnerships, and shared knowledge

  • Advocacy by generating and disseminating a value-building evidence base

  • Standards and integrity by always striving for excellence in all we do

Providing a welcoming, inclusive platform for everyone

We believe in the need for fair and inclusive participation in sport. We view university sport as a powerful tool to promote inclusion and acceptance for students of all backgrounds. By offering an environment for interpersonal engagement and friendly competition, UniSport believes the overall student experience can be greatly enhanced. Whilst university sport is an exceptional platform for social engagement and inclusion, it is also a crucial stage in the development of high performance athletes.

Helping student-athletes reach their absolute potential

As athletes pave their pathway to a successful career in sport, we believe it is crucial that support is provided for those trying to balance their sporting commitments with higher education. By offering elite athletes the opportunity to maximise their potential in the classroom and sporting arena alike, a significant improvement in personal development can transpire. We believe that with the support of our 42 member universities, UniSport can assist Australian elite student-athletes to reach greater feats in sport by facilitating for quality training and competitive pathways. Through flexible study requirements and a balanced dual career, student-athletes are assisted in juggling higher education with elite sport. It is through this shared belief with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) that the establishment of the Elite Athlete Friendly University network has taken place.

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