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FreePlay, The Curtin Sport & Recreation MyWay Program

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The Curtin Sport & Recreation FreePlay program gives students free court hire during teaching weeks, across a range of sports including badminton, basketball, volleyball, futsal, netball and tennis. Though it was an existing program, the UniSport MyWay funding has allowed for Curtin Sport & Recreation to devote extra resources towards it, and as a result a massive uptick in the number and range of people that are now attending has been seen! There are regularly thirty plus students attending the morning sessions, with badminton in particular proving popular.

Pictured above is Dillon, one of the MyWay Student Ambassadors, as well as Tait, one of the full-time staff members who also works across the program, along with some very enthusiastic badminton players and basketballers!

UniSport MyWay program has received funding from the Australian Government through Sport Australia and UniSport would like to acknowledge and thank them for their support.

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