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Hunger to learn drives Paralympian and UNSW elite student-athlete

Jamieson Leeson is restricted to a wheelchair due to spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic condition which affects the nervous system, however has a drive to learn and excel both as a Boccia Paralympian and a university student.

Leeson is currently studying a Bachelor of Economics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and is a member of the UNSW Elite Athlete Program. Most recently she was awarded a prestigious AIS Athlete Education Scholarship, supported by the John and Myriam Wylie Foundation.

"Wanting to be able to constantly learn, develop my knowledge from school and having a passion for economics really motivated me to choose that subject… I’m very analytical.”

- Jamieson Leeson, Paralympian and UNSW elite athlete

Leeson's hunger to learn is evident as she balances her university study and exams alongside Boccia training and competitions. One example of this being completing her HSC exams during the Tokyo Paralympics, and looking forward to the end of 2022 is another busy period with the Boccia World Cup held in Bahrain in November close to exam periods.

“I've always been one to want to learn constantly and that is part of what motivates me with Boccia because I am constantly learning about the sport."

- Jamieson Leeson, Paralympian and UNSW elite athlete

It is with the positive attitude that Leeson approaches all the challenges in sport, study and life and which has driven her success so far. To find out more about how Leeson balances her studies and sporting career read on here.

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