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UniBank Student Survey 2019 - What you told us

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Student Survey during the 2019 UniSport Nationals registration process - we really value and appreciate your input!

So, what matters most to you when it comes to money? Here’s what you told us. Spoiler alert - debt worries, savings FOMO and hitting up your parents for financial advice are key take outs.

Money worries

Debt, savings FOMO and running out of cash at the end of the month top your list of money worries.

You told us you're concerned about your level of debt (HECS, credit cards and other loans), about not saving enough and that you’re struggling to afford the basics like rent and food. You also said you're worried about not making the right financial decisions and whether you’ll find a job with a decent salary at the end of Uni.

Who you go to for advice

Believe it or not, Mum and Dad rule when it comes to money advice.

Your parents might not rate too highly on your list for getting advice on other areas of your life, but when it comes to making money decisions you told us your parents are your number one go-to’s, by a long shot! Some of you said you hit up your friends for advice too, while a lot fewer of you use comparison sites, banks and Google to get the low down on finances and money matters.

What your bank does with your dollars

In a nutshell, you care...a lot.

You told us what your bank does with your money really matters to you - you understand banks have an important role to play when it comes to how and where we choose to invest, and we hear you loud and clear.

Those results ring true for you?

At UniBank, we’re dedicated to supporting students and their finances, so we understand the challenges of being a student better than most. We know you care about where your money goes too - that’s why at UniBank, all of our mortgage and deposit products are independently certified Responsible Investment Products by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA)1.

We walk the talk when it comes to responsible investment. We know you’d expect nothing less from one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies2.

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