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UNSW celebrates the successes and achievements of leaders and participants in women's sport

Following last year’s successful evening of celebration, the UNSW Active Women Strategy is introducing several awards to recognise the successes and the achievements of leaders and participants in women’s sport at UNSW.

The 2022 UNSW Active Women Strategy Awards include five awards this year, which will be announced in early December.

The Champion award, recognises a woman either for her outstanding achievements during 21/22 as a coach, official, administrator, leader or volunteer; or, her commitment to furthering opportunities for women and girls to participate.

The Outstanding Club award which recognises a club’s significant contribution and commitment to the advancement of sport for women and girls.

The Trailblazer award, whose exceptional efforts over the long-term have removed barriers for women and girls in sport and made it easier for them to participate and succeed. Their efforts have left a legacy for their club, community or sport that will not be forgotten.

The SHE CAN Award which is awarded to either an individual, club or group that has made a significant impact, difference, or contribution to women’s sport through the SHE CAN program; or, an individual participant who has shown enthusiasm and commitment in their participation in SHE CAN which has led to ongoing benefit and personal development.

First Year Star, which recognises a first year student who has made a significant contribution to women’s sport at UNSW.

You can continue reading on about the UNSW Active Women Awards and nominate someone today.

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