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You Can Play! UniSport Australia releases inclusion toolkit

UniSport Media Release

For release: 19 July 2022

UniSport Australia (UniSport) is pleased to announce the release of the You Can Play Toolkit, a resource providing information for university sporting clubs to be more LGBTIQ+ inclusive for their club members.

Our vision - Active Students: Lifelong Success outlines our commitment to provide a safe, fair, and inclusive environment for all student-athletes, regardless of ethnicity, location, religious or political beliefs, cultural background, sexuality, or gender identity.

Developed as part of this commitment, the You Can Play Toolkit has been produced to provide tools for clubs to assess and improve their inclusion of the LGBTIQ+ community, recognising that sport is a powerful tool to promote inclusion and acceptance of a diverse university sport population.

UniSport General Manager, Governance & Member Services, Donna Spethman believes that the toolkit will provide an excellent resource for university club executives. “University clubs are made up of student leaders that are time poor yet committed to ensuring their clubs are inclusive for all.”

“This toolkit is a great resource available to ensure that clubs are taking practical steps to ensure they are inclusive not only for their LGBTIQ+ club members, but also education to all club members so they have ways to take personal responsibility to be an ally” Spethman said.

We look forward to seeing university sporting clubs, with the assistance of the You Can Play Toolkit, demonstrate inclusion and say to the LGBTIQ+ community "You Can Play".

To access the You Can Play Toolkit click here

About UniSport  

UniSport Australia (UniSport) is the peak body for university sport in Australia. 43 universities are members of UniSport, representing a population of over one million students. UniSport’s ambition is to become an integral partner to Australian universities and to deliver an outstanding student experience at our national intervarsity competitions.   

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