8 May 2021



In 2021, triathlon will be held as part of the Port Stephens Triathlon in both male and female races.

Has your uni got what it takes to become the champions?


We will see you in May to find out!

2020 Champions


Registration Div 1


Registration will take place via the Port Stephens Triathlon. 

Make sure you check the 2021 UniSport Nationals Triathlon box when registering and enter your university name and student number to ensure your results count!

Please see the Port Stephens Triathlon website for more details. 

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UniSport triathlon guidelines (updated 23 Jan 2020)

Competition guidelines and rules


UniSport Australia (UniSport) competitions are conducted under the official playing regulations of the relevant international or national sporting organisation.


Where required, UniSport guidelines will indicate any rule/regulation amendments specific to our competitions.