UniRoos Values

The Australian UniRoos are the embodiment of a culture built on hard work and success with the team values demonstrating what it is means to be a part of the UniRoos family. The Australian UniRoos team values are four lines.

Each line embodies a value essential of a UniRoos team member and are brought together with the 'We are Australia' tag line which is displayed on all uniform items and collateral to remind team members of the importance of in what they are involved.

We are proud

  • Proud of representing our country and wearing the green and gold

  • Proud of the history that has gone before us

  • Proud of the way in which we are viewed by other countries

We are respectful

  • Respectful of our team members both past and present as well as our competitors

  • Respectful of the authorities within the sport

  • Respectful of the country we are competing in, their people and their culture

We are disciplined

  • Disciplined in training and competition to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of success

  • Disciplined out of competition in maintaining respect for the UniRoos name as well as our own

  • Disciplined to maintain the highest levels of study and sporting endeavours

We are united

  • United as one team across multiple sports

  • United to achieve our goals

  • United with all team members that have gone before us and those that will come after us