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Australia wins Bronze at Aikido World Championships in Japan

Last month, the WSAF Aikido World Championships were held at Tenri University in Nara, Japan where Australia won a bronze medal in the Mixed Team event.

The Mixed Team representing Australia consisted of University of South Australia (UniSA) Shodokan Aikido Club members, including students and graduates of both University of South Australia and Adelaide University.

  • Binh Tran

  • Duc Tran

  • Tom Bereny

  • Anna Nguyen

  • Lian Tran

  • Madison Le Cong

  • Andrew Bereny (Coach)

The Mixed Team event consists of five events:

  • Koryu goshin no kata (8 empty-handed kneeling and hanzahandachi techniques

  • Koryu goshin no kata (8 empty-handed standing techniques)

  • Tanto taisabaki (Kyu grade players)

  • Women’s tanto randori

  • Men’s tanto randori

This is the first time that any Australian individual or team has won a medal at a WSAF Championship, with Coach Andrew Bereny extremely proud of the teams’ accomplishment, “It was very rewarding to go to Japan to have some fun but come back with something” said Bereny.

UniSport Australia would like to congratulate the team that represented Australia at the WSAF Aikido World Championships.

Continue reading to learn more about the Worldwide Sport Aikido Federation (WSAF) and the UniSA Shodokan Aikido Club.

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