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International experience leads The University of Sydney to success: Renae Garlepp brings Opals knowledge to UBL finals

The University of Sydney (USYD) Head Coach Renae Garlepp is no stranger to finals basketball, and now she’s headed for a New Balance University Basketball League Grand Final.

For Coach Garlepp, every point, every minute on court counts, aiming to maintain the team’s competitive edge in a league that has improved year on year since its debut in 2021.

Interviewed earlier in the season, Garlepp said that the evolution of the league and most of all the culture of her team is what she is most proud.

“I’ve really enjoyed being part of the UBL over the last four years.” said Garlepp. “Seeing all the teams that have jumped on board and seeing what’s growing each year.

“I’ve been fortunate to coach a lot of these girls on state teams, so to get them back after they have finished school but wanting to continue their basketball journey, where they all come from different teams, whether that be NBL1 or youth league is something quite special.”

Team sport and culture is something close to Renae’s heart having built her career both on and off the court, showing the incredible value that sport has had in her life.

Aiming high is second nature to Renae Garlepp. Her basketball roots going well beyond coaching. Originally from Wollongong, NSW, the well-known Australian basketball personality kicked off her playing career in 2004 at the Australian Institute of Sport before being named Rookie of the Year in 2005 in the Women’s National Basketball League.

Making statement across the league, the guard not only made her mark on the WNBL but also international basketball after being named to U19 teams and to the Australian Opals.

Today she is not just Head Coach of USYD, but also on the bench supporting the Australian Opals in a coaching role. But for now, her focus is on the UBL finals, her squad having come a long way and is aiming to reach their collective goal.

“Obviously to try and win (the league) is the end goal, but it’s quite a process to play in this league, these players get to travel all over the country together, spending that time together so they get to build some special relationships that last with them for a long time, beyond basketball.” She said.

Watch Garlepp and The University of Sydney Women’s team, along with all the 2024 New Balance UBL games live or streamed on UniSportTV,

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