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Monash University open’s Informal Sport Zone at Peninsula Campus

The new Informal Sport Zone at Monash Peninsula is open, free and ready to use between 7am and sundown daily. This free court encourages university students and staff to engage in sport by welcoming them to play basketball and tennis, with basketballs, tennis balls and rackets available to hire.

The newest Informal Sport Zone joins those already established across Monash University campuses as a part of the FREE Play program including the Caulfield Informal Sport Zones, the Tan Track at Clayton Campus, the Bouldering Wall at Peninsula, the Active Bodies Online program, and outdoor gym spaces across campuses.

These zones have been created in response to the research into informal sport by Monash University in collaboration with the Australian Research Council, with the report ‘Informal Sport: As a Health and Social Resource for Diverse Young People’ released in September 2021.

Informal sport offers a form of participation that aligns with current societal shifts and the need for flexible opportunities that align with lifestyles and resources. Participating in informal sport also provides physical and mental health benefits to individuals and communities including an increased sense of belonging, a key component of a positive university student experience.

To read more about the facilities and sports available to students through Informal Sport Zones continue here.

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