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Torrens University - Changing the World Through Sport

Sport connects us, inspires us, unites us. Our free online short courses are empowering organisations to drive change for the global good. Athletes and sports industry experts try out the groundbreaking new ‘Sport for Good short courses'.

We all have the power to do something good in the world if we’re given the right tools. With Sport for Good, you will learn how you can use your voice, your position in the sports industry or your love of the game to make a positive impact. Delivered in four separate parts, each unit offers combines practical training with an analysis of key topics at the intersection of sports and politics today:

● Sport and Society ● Sport and Human Rights ● Sport Leadership in a New World ● Sport and Social Change

Developed by Torrens University Australia in collaboration with Australian soccer legend, human rights activist and Adjunct Professor, Craig Foster, the ‘Sport for Good’ series of courses looks at the historical background of activism in sports, the global challenges of sport today and the role of the industry in protecting human rights and championing social change.

“Whether it’s climate change, gender, racial or sexual equality, or the treatment of migrants and refugees: sports bodies, athletes, corporate partners and fans have a responsibility to make a commitment to upholding a basic standard of treatment for all”

- Craig Foster

To read more about the Sport for Good courses visit Torrens University Australia.

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