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When the Lightning strikes, Jeremy's ready for the opportunity

When Jeremy Morris landed a plum placement with one of Australia’s most celebrated professional netball teams, he had no idea it would lead to a fulltime job before he even finished his degree.

The placement with Sunshine Coast Lightning was Jeremy’s first real step into the world of professional sport – an opportunity he says may never have eventuated were it not for the university’s strong partnerships with professional sporting teams.

“We’ve got a great sporting community here at UniSC – everyone's so passionate and loves getting involved, which has been the highlight of the student experience,” Jeremy says.

“The placement really cemented my thoughts that I was where I wanted to be in life too, so when a job opportunity there came up later, I went for it.”

Despite his feelings now, Jeremy wasn’t always so certain about what he wanted to do. It was only later in life that he realised his “dream of working in sport” would always be omnipresent.

“I have absolutely loved sport since I was a child,” Jeremy says. “But it wasn’t until I was 27 that I took the leap into applying for a degree in the field.

“I landed on sports studies because I love sport, but I didn't love gym, or sports and exercise science.”

Jeremy says his role as event coordinator with Lightning allows him to influence Club events, having a hand in everything from game day to clinics, membership events and everything in between.

It’s a role suited to someone such as Jeremy who loves the hands-on aspects of working in the world of professional sports. For anyone wanting to do the same, Jeremy has a sage piece of advice.

“If you see an opportunity, do everything in your power to make that opportunity happen.

“When you get in there, work as hard as you can, put your best foot forward, ask questions. Because opportunities can often open more doors.”

Associate Dean of learning and teaching for School of Health Dr Nicole Masters says an increasing number of opportunities are going to present themselves to students and graduates as we move towards the 2032 South-East Queensland Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“We have always enjoyed strong relationships with professional sporting teams as Lightning and the Dolphins rugby league team more recently,” Professor Masters says.

“The 2032 Games are only going to see these type of relationships solidify for UniSC, resulting in greater and stronger pathways into the industry for our students and graduates.

“It’s an exciting time to work in sport.”

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