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UTS took part in the Polished Man campaign in October

In October, Respect.Now.Always with UTS Sport and ActivateUTS joined forced to take part in the national Polished Man campaign, raising awareness to end violence against women and children.

With 30 UTS champions - including the Chief Operating Officer, senior research leaders, Club presidents and Elite Athletes - in encouraging our community to step up, speak out and take a stand against violence.

Students, staff, alumni and more were encouraged to get involved by:

  • Dropping by the Student Learning Hub to paint a nail and start having powerful conversations every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm to 2pm.

  • Learning more about Polished Man and consider donating to support prevention and recovery programs

  • Sign up and join our University of Technology team and start your own fundraising drive!

UTS is an official Polished Business, and encourage all donations via the Polished Man website. All money raised goes towards supporting trauma prevention programs run by ygap and trauma recovery programs supported by RizeUp Australia.

Thank you for taking this incredible step to show your support, especially the ambassadors showcasing their polish to raise awareness to end violence against women.

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