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Welcome to Queensland

Wunya and jingeri

Wunya (welcome, greetings) is from the Yuggera language of Brisbane, and jingeri (hello) is from the Yugambeh language people of South-East Queensland.

Queensland is a diverse ​environment with a rich history and culture, whether you prefer beaches or rainforests, relaxation or adventure there is a slice of paradise to suit every traveller. What are you waiting for, start exploring now!

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Get your heart racing and have some fun and Queensland’s world class theme parks and attractions. From grand shows to exhilarating roller coasters you can let you imagination run wild with something for everyone whether you are seeking thrills or relaxation.

Home to many famous beaches, Queensland is perfect to explore the reefs, spend a relaxing afternoon on or have a morning coffee while watching the sunrise. The Queensland beaches are more than perfect, why not sink your toes in and linger a while.

Queensland is home to some of the most biologically diverse environments and animals on earth. From the lush rainforests to vibrant coral reefs, the open outback to awe-inspiring national parks there is something for every traveller to explore and enjoy.

Across Queensland there are a plethora of world-class cafes, bars, restaurants and breweries with offerings for all travellers just waiting to be explored.

As the only state where both of Australia’s Indigenous cultures meet, travellers are invited to experience and participate in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture through dance, art and traditional feasts.

Whether you want to cheer on your favourite sports team, experience the world’s most remote music festival or immerse yourself in the performing arts Queensland is the place for you.

From the ocean to the hinterland and outback Queensland is home to a menagerie of creatures that will have you channelling your inner wildlife warrior in no time. Get up and close with one of the many wildlife sanctuaries across the state.

From world-renown exhibits to undiscovered local talen, Queensland is home to a vibrant arts community found in museums, theatres, the environment and more ready for travellers to explore.

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